When Stampin’ Up! sends a box they fill it with brown paper after all the product is inside.  I always hate to throw away the paper.  I have taken some to the Ronald McDonald House for them to use to cover the tables when the kids craft or for drawing on or whatever they might need it for.  But I came up with another idea for this year.  I decided not to buy any Christmas Wrapping paper and instead use all the brown paper from Stampin’ Up!

So far all my Christmas presents are wrapped in the plain brown paper.  I considered stamping on them or rolling them with Stampin’ Around Wheels but ultimately decided just to use Ribbon – for these in the front it is the Wide Striped Grosgrain ribbon.  The ones around the back is non-SU Ribbon.  I plan to add tags to all of them – but haven’t done that yet – I did write on the back of each one who it was for though.

But here is my idea – I don’t know about everyone else but we seem to have several times that we open Christmas gifts.  First here at home with just our family, then we will go to my parent’s house and open with my parents and brother, and then a third time we will go to Greg’s mother’s house and open presents with his family.  These are on three different days and in three different locations so this year I came up with an idea that I thought might make things easier.  First all the gifts are wrapped in the brown paper and tied just with ribbon and no puffy bows – so they actually stack up nicely for taking in the car.  Second I used three different colors/types of Ribbon.  So for each of the three events I have a different Ribbon and we just need to grab everything with the correct ribbon on it from under the tree on that particular day.  I hope that makes things quicker instead of having to go through everything and read all the tags.  What do you think?

We are off to mail the Christmas cards and do some last minute shopping!