After awhile you might get tired of all the things about convention – but there is so much to share I hope you will keep visiting my blog.

The last two years at convention my roommates and I have done a “Roommate Shoebox Swap” – this is where each of us brings a project to share with the other three in our room.  It is actually a nice night that we have together in our room and when we are done we just go to bed – unlike the other swaps and meetings where we have to walk back to our hotel late at night.   This year we decided to share 3-D projects rather than cards since we were already getting a lot of cards from our other swaps – those are yet to come because I have to take pictures of them still before I can post them on my blog.

sue-workingSo here is the first one – shared by Sue – she brought black wood picture frames and a variety of Rub-Ons for us to choose from to decorate our frames.  It was funny because we each showed our project and Sue went last and had hers out on one of the beds and we all just sat on the bed and started looking through the rub-ons and working on our frames I think we forgot about the other projects for a few minutes.  But then we divided up so each of us worked on something different and we rotated.

roommate-framesWe decided the white rub-ons looked the best on the black frames.  Sue tried the colored ones and they didn’t look as sharp against the black background.  I think the colored ones would look great on a white wood frame.   So top left was the one Michele made, top right is the one Sue made, bottom left is mine and bottom right is Diane’s.

I am planning to print a picture of the four us from convention to put in mine.  I think all the rub-ons we ended up using are now retired.  But you could use any that you have on had.  If you look at mine I actually took one of the flower elements and put it over the edge of the frame and down onto the glass.  I’m planning to have a mat around my picture so the flower will just be on the edge of the mat.  Once I get it in I’ll post the finished one.

Here are some tips on using Stampin’ Up! Rub-Ons:

  • Can be used on unique, textured surfaces that are difficult to stamp on, such as glass,
    tin, and plastic
  • Can be used on nonporous surfaces, such as glass, photos, clipboards, candles, and ribbon
  • Need a card in a hurry? Apply a Rub-On to a prescored card, such as Elegant Notes or
    Pendant Notes, and you’ll be surprised how quick you’re finished!
  • For best results, cut out your Rub-On image and remove it from the backing sheet. Lay the
    image on a flat surface, and rub it lightly with your finger to hold it in place. Then firmly rub
    the image with the wooden stick (included with the Rub-Ons) to transfer it to your project.
  • You’ll know the image has transferred completely when the image becomes lighter on the
    transfer sheet. Pull up slowly on the transfer sheet, being careful not to slide it. If the image
    hasn’t transferred completely, simply lay the sheet back down and try
  • You can apply Rub-Ons over stamped images. However, make sure that the image has been
    stamped in Craft ink; Rub-Ons don’t adhere well to Classic ink.
  • You can remove Rub-Ons from most surfaces with our Adhesive Remover.
  • Make sure you store your Rub-Ons with the paper backing or your images will come off
    where you don’t want them to!
  • If you need to clean the item the Rub-On is adhered to, wipe it gently with a damp cloth.
  • If you want to transfer Rub-On images to a small embellishment such as a button, you may
    want to transfer the image to the embellishment before you adhere the embellishment to
    your project. Stick the embellishment to a smooth surface, such as a cellophane bag, using
    SNAIL Adhesive. Trim the image from the Rub-On sheet and lay it over your embellishment.
    Rub your finger over the image to help hold it in place, then transfer the image completely
    using the wooden stick. Peel the embellishment off the bag and adhere it to your project.

I hope you’ll try using your Rub-ons on a variety of surfaces.  Look HERE to see where I used the rub-ons a couple of months ago.  I’ve also heard that some people put them on their nails and then apply a clear top coat!  I haven’t tried that one yet – but I have been thinking about it.

Another idea – Use them to decorate school supplies – I bought a folder to use for convention to hold all of my important papers – and the night before I left I decided to decorate it with Rub-Ons – so that is what I carried out with me.folder-w-rub-ons

So where are you going to put your rub-ons?