This is a bird update – I’ll post a stamping project a little later.

Yesterday afternoon I found another nest in the backyard – it was in my pink puff-ball tree (ok – that isn’t really the name of the tree – it is a Kanzan Cherry tree).  I think it is probably a Robin’s nest.  It is too high for me to see inside it and unfortunately faces away from our house so even from the upstairs windows I can’t see into it.

Last year the robin built a nest on our gutter downspout and they raised two babies.  I’ll have to wait and see later after these eggs hatch.

This morning I checked on the houses – mama bluebird is sitting on her eggs now.

House #2 is a Tufted Titmouse and this morning I wasn’t expecting to find her inside – but she was and after she flew out I was able to get a photo – it looks like she has about 6 eggs.  She must bury them when she leaves the house since yesterday I couldn’t see any eggs.  The picture isn’t very good since  the house is high – I just held up the camera without being able to see where it is aiming.

The house opens from the top and side – that is how I’m able to peek inside.  The mom returned after she grabbed some seed from the feeder nearby.

I’m excited to have 4 nests again this year!  I hope they all successfully raise their babies.

Eastern Bluebird = 4 eggs

Tufted Titmouse = 6 eggs

Chickadee = ? eggs

maybe a Robin = ? eggs

Have a wonderful spring day!  I washed down our porch and desk yesterday to get rid of some of the pollen.  We are living in a yellow cloud right now.