On the Convention Check-In Day we had a fun Flower Power groovy party.  I brought tie-dyed t-shirts and groovy flip-flops for my roommates and I to wear.

Becky, Michele, Diane, Shelli, Sterling, Monika

Stampin’ Up! had all different booths – several demonstration booths – with Demonstrators showing us their creative projects, face-painting, Twister, Hula-Hoop, dancing, games for prizes and a chance to try out for the annual game show that is on stage on the last day of convention.  In the past they just picked random demonstrators but this year we had to try out for a chance.  They usually model the Stampin’ Up! game show after a real television game show but add a Stampin’ Up! twist to it.  The game was the Win it in a Minute – and to try out we had to do the cup stacking (I don’t remember the name exactly).   Michele and I decided to try out…

You had to move the Red cup all the way through the stack in under 60 seconds to qualify and then they selected the top 15 times.  It sounds easier than it is and some practice would have been a good helpful.

I got mine done in 55.43 seconds – yeah!  But nearly good enough to qualify for the on stage game show.  Michele took longer and didn’t get in under the minute.

The games on stage were very funny.  One was Ribbon Roller – you had to use a Stampin’ Write Marker to wind up a roll of Stampin’ Up! ribbbon and the first to finish was the winner.  Another was the cookie one where you move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your facial muscles – hilarious!  Then they had the one where you shake a box that is tied around your waist and knock out in our case wood stamp blocks.  I think on the real show it is cotton balls or something like that.  There were several more games that resulted in one final winner – I think she ended up with $250 Stampin’ Up! Shopping Spree and the other ones that played got $50.

I don’t know what they have in store for us next year but what ever it is it is sure to be fun!

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