On Wednesday morning I had drama in the backyard.  A variety of drama that started with a chipmunk in my screened in porch.  I didn’t see him but Aspen could smell him  – lucky for the chipmunk there were some tarps piled up in the porch and he was able to hide in there long enough for me to grab Aspen and stick him back in the house.  Magnolia was out in the yard so my plan was to close the chipmunk into the porch go get her and then let him out.  But instead when I went to shut the door to keep him in – he came right out from under those tarps walked over to me and ducked through the door and ran off the porch – Magnolia never even noticed.

Once all the chipmunks were gone Aspen came out and checked it all out – I took a walk around the yard – and much to my surprise saw one of the baby robins hopping around on the ground – so I had go scoop up Aspen again just in case the baby was still practicing his flying.  I took him and Magnolia back inside the house grabbed the camera to get a picture but they were gone.  So Wed. morning the baby Robin’s left – I’m glad I took pictures on Monday.

And there is more….while I was checking on the robins I heard lots of chattering down by the chickadee house.  I couldn’t really get a picture – they are mostly a blur – but the bluebirds are ready to build their second nest and decided it was time to start house hunting.  The house they want to look at it the one the chickadees are in.  Well you can guess that the chickadees aren’t real happy about that.  So the big blur near the house is the bluebird and the little blur on the left is the chickadee.

I did get some more pictures of the Chickadee and the Bluebird.  Finally the bluebird realized he couldn’t go into that house and eventually stopped trying.

The Tufted Titmouse babies must be ready to go soon – they are very noisy in the house and mom and dad are busy feeding them.  This morning (Friday) they were still in the house.

I have also had lots of visits from the Red-Headed woodpecker.  They like the peanut feeder.  I love it when they hang off the bottom – those are always fun pictures to get. At one point this week I thought I saw two of them in the yard so maybe they have a nest nearby.  Normally I don’t see the Red-Headed woodpecker on a regular basis.

And I have a couple more pictures to share.  I got some of one of the bluebirds getting a worm out of the yard.  The first time she picked it up the worm broke in half so she continued to work at it until she picked up both halves.  And I was watching from my kitchen window so I was able to get a good picture.

And the final picture is of Aspen – what do you think he might have been doing?  Digging himself a hole to China…….

or trying to get a chipmunk out of its hole?

Jack Russell Terriers have that instinct and Aspen most definitely has his intact.  And he stays focused.  The funniest site is when he hops around through my hostas and ferns – I really need a video of that one day.  Lucky for the chipmunks they have lots of places to hide in that part of the yard.  You would think they would find another yard to live in but they like mine just as much as the birds do.  And I think the Chipmunks had babies too – I saw a little tiny one this week – he looked to be about half as big as the ones I normally see.

Well I hope you got your fill of birds and animals today – it was a long post with lots of my rambling…..

I’ll post a stamping project in a little while.