Did you know that one of the best ways to relieve stress in your life is through adopting a fun hobby that you look forward to doing? 

Creative Crafting is Number 1 and Scrapbooking is number 6. 


Here is the top 10 list of stress reduction activities that have proven to be helpful:

 (taken from www.dealwithstress.com)



1.    Creative Crafts – Craft (any handmade project) provides a mean of distraction from our pressure and stresses from everyday life. When you work on a craft project, you tend to be concentrating on it making you forget about your problems.  In fact, medical studies have shown that there are physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits from having an active interest in crafting.

2.    Gardening – Being outside in the fresh air and planting living things can bring satisfaction and peace of mind.

3.    Keeping Pets – Keeping dogs and cats as pets can be a great way to maintain a stress free life.

4.    Photography – Photography can be a great “distraction” for you from your daily problems and stress.

5.    Sports – Sports activities provide a way to release your frustration and allow you to mingle with friends or teammates in the activities.

6.    Scrapbooking – Looking back on fond memories of happy moments and people are always a great way to relax and a sure way to reduce stress.

7.    Playing with Puzzles – Solving and putting together puzzles calls for great patience and brain power. It helps you to forget about worries and stay focused on piecing together the bits and pieces of the puzzle. After a game of playing around with puzzles, you tend to have a fresher mind and in a better position to face your problems and worries.

8.    Music – Music can be a powerful tool in relieving stress. Listening to stress relief music especially soothing ones can help sooth or relieve tension.

9.    Short mini vacation – A short mini-vacations is able to “re-charged” you and often you would find yourself returning to work with a fresh mind and be ready to take on further challenges.

10.  Reading – When you curl up with a good book, you put the rest of the world at bay.  You take time out to travel to distant worlds, to learn about different time periods, and to expose yourself to out-of-this-world philosophies.  You are essentially taking a vacation of the mind, which helps in reducing stress.  



I hope that you will come join me for some STRESS RELIEF this month. 

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