I am here in Salt Lake City!!  I traveled with Cindy Schuster and Linda Madison – we left early this morning because I wanted to beat the Atlanta traffic and allow us plenty of time since you never know what will happen to the highway if somebody does something.  And we were early – really early – had no troubles at all until we got on the plane.  They boarded us and then we sat, and sat, and sat – an hour later we finally left the gate.  Maintenance had to fix a ventilation problem.

We have already met demonstrators at the Atlanta airport (Mary, Barbara), in the airplane (I didn’t get her name but we enjoyed talking to her), at the SLC airport (Gail, Kay and Kayla) in the shuttle (Sandy, Ann and several others) and of course at our hotel (Monica and Julia).  So many names to remember and I am not good at that so make sure you tell me every time you see me what your name is!!

So here we are (Cindy and I ) sitting on the plane –

And a couple of pictures from the plane –


And we are in the hotel, checked-in and unpacked.  Michele  Schmidt was already in the room and we are waiting on Dawn Bullock our new roommate that we haven’t met yet.  Once she is here we will get a quick dinner and then head on out to our shoebox swap.   Linda is staying in another room with Cindy Goehring.  So I am writing this on Tuesday but I’m scheduling it for posting on Wed. so when you read this it will all be from yesterday….even though I didn’t write it that way…..

So remember these card parts I showed you the other day – Well would you like to know what it becomes?  It is a peek-a-boo card – at least that is what I call it.

There is a hole in the front that shows the inside of the card through to the front.   The stamp set is the new Creative Elements stamp set.   I plan to post instructions but will do that after I return home so you can see how it is done.  I have a series of pictures but just don’t have time right now to do all the editing and write all the instructions.  If you are in my shoebox swap Tuesday night then you will either get a completed one or get to make one.  I’ll try to post again soon.