I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  We did.  And much to our surprise we got SNOW on Christmas Day!  The news reported here in metro Atlanta it has been more than 100 years since there has been any measurable snow in the area.  It started snowing in the morning on Christmas Day and we had plans to drive to my parents after lunch and spend the night with them.  We quickly packed up and headed out so that we would be on the front end of the snow instead of in the middle of the storm.  We had drove for about 90 minutes and it snowed almost the whole way.  At my parents house though – they are near the lake and it was several degrees warmer so there was no snow on the ground.  And it wasn’t until after dark that any snow started sticking to the grass and trees.

Christmas Day in the afternoon – we were with my family – my parents, my brother and his family and in-laws and Greg’s mom came with us too.  Here is a picture of my parents with their 5 grandchildren.

The next morning there was a light snow at my parents house – I did get this pretty picture looking out from the porch by the front door and back up the street to their house.

We waited until Sunday afternoon and then headed home.  I did have to call my mom and tell her everywhere else – even a mile up the road there was more snow than what they had at their house.  I guess the lake made a big enough difference in the temperature.  The drive home was fine – most of the roads were dry because the sun was out and it was very windy.  But we got to our house and late in the afternoon it started snowing again and we played outside a little bit.

my fountain

the back of our house

Tyler and Kyle having snow wars

Enjoy your day!  We are going tonight to have Christmas with Greg’s family.  His sister and family came in to town last night – dodging snow storms along the way – I’m not sure how the adventure was for them but they came from VA and somewhere along the way should have encounter the storm that was coming from us and moving up the east coast.