Basket Weaving 101

At our Weekend at Wendy’s we actually did some basket weaving!  Yep we had a beginner lesson in weaving our own little basket using the Wood Sheets from Stampin’ Up!.

This project was created by Laree.  We started with the wide strip of wood sheet and used an Aquapainter and Chocolate Chip classic ink to stain it.  That was set aside to dry while I worked on the weaving part.

First we laid 4 strips down and then wove 4 strips through – this created the base – so the weaving was all in the center with the extra hanging out each side.  These side pieces were bent up and then a longer strip gets woven around to create the sides.  And then another long strip gets woven through the sides.  Loose ends are held down with mini glue dots.

Then the wide Chocolate strip gets wrapped around the top and attached with mini glue dots.  Then we added the brads and ribbon handles.

I think my brads should have been more towards the corners – I had them too close to the center.  Several people made suggestions on what to put in the basket – one was the paper flowers (like I showed yesterday), another was the little paper strawberries (I saw that idea at convention last year and I’m sure it is on a blog somewhere). It  could be an Easter basket or a picnic basket.

Just think you can stain the wood any color that you want – I think that is pretty cool.  And the other neat thing about this wood is that it has a paper backing on it which makes it easy to shape and bend when you need to.

I hope you like this little project that Laree created.