It was news to me when I found out that there is no school today!  I don’t ever remember them having a day off school in October.  But this year we do – I guess it is a way for the schools to save some money.  So I thought I would post about my boys today.  I have to take photos of my stamping projects that I have to share and I didn’t do that on Sunday – but I did clean up my craft room.  I reorganized my 12×12 card stock, cleaned up my desk and work table and I’m going to do my best to work on one project AND clean it up before starting a new one.


GT Convocation


So today I have pictures of my boys that I took this past week (well Kyle’s are older pictures).  Kyle was home this weekend – he came home Friday afternoon with Greg and I took him back to school Sunday morning so he could be back for Programming Team.  He is part of the Ga Tech Programming Team and it sounds like they are preparing for a competition in November.  I do have to go get him again this afternoon for a Dctr appt and then we’ll take him back tonight after dinner.  Kyle is doing well at Tech – that is what he tells us and he likes his classes – even says that some of them are fun.  I think the only one he doesn’t much care for is Health – which is a required class.  I keep telling him to bring home his laundry including his bed sheets – and he says it’s all clean that he just washed – ok – I guess he is on top of things!

Here are two old pictures – one from the Convocation Ceremony which was the Sunday before classes started in August.  The new students get their GT RAT caps along with a lesson on what to put on their cap.

And the other is the day we moved Kyle into his dorm.  We ended up raising the bed and later he bought a futon that is now underneath the bed.  And a couple of weeks ago they added a TV to their room.  I’m not sure how much they actually use it to watch TV but they use it for their gaming.  Kyle and Robert seem to be getting along just fine.

This last week was busy for Tyler and Ryan and the Marching Band.  And the rest of the month will be too.  They started with the Homecoming Parade on Monday.  Then Tuesday was the county Band Exhibition.  All the county bands play their show for each other and a set of judges so they can get an idea of what they need to work on for the competitions the rest of the month.  I’m so excited that Tyler starts their show with a solo.  Here is a picture of him from Tuesday night – he is on the 50 yard line playing his solo and he did such a good job.  I was so worried because up until then the afternoon wasn’t going very well for him.  First there was the shoe disaster.  As they are getting into their seats before getting ready to leave I see Tyler heading out of the band room (I was there as a chaperone).  I run over to see what he is doing – he says he has to get his shoes out of the car – they are not in his locker.  So I take his keys and go to his car because he should be in his seat.  I search the car – NO SHOES!  I run back inside to tell him – he says they must be at home.  Well we are about to load the buses so now what – I don’t have time to go home.  We go to the uniform room and look through boxes of old shoes – the biggest pair we can find is a size 7 – Tyler says he’ll squeeze his feet in.  Then I remember grandma is planning to come – quick call to her to go by our house first and find his shoes.  Grandma’s are great – let me tell you.  She goes to our house, searches his room, finds a pair of shoes and heads towards the school – we are already leaving but she sees us and follows us all the way to the competition.  I run out and get the shoes – size 9 – they still aren’t his new shoes but they are better than the 7s.  That is what he marches in and when we get back I find 10s in the band directors office (they were there the whole time!).  But that wasn’t the only disaster – once they get to the competition and unload the buses – everyone gets their instruments and lines up.  I see Tyler with two other students talking to the band director.  The band director is NOT HAPPY!  Apparently the other two don’t have their instruments – they left them behind!  But Tyler is the section leader and it is his job to make sure everyone has everything – well we know how well that was going with the shoe disaster already going on.  So with all that I was so afraid he would mess up the solo. But he didn’t – I was so thankful and very proud that he did so well.

It was also Ryan’s first exhibition performance – which is a warm up for the competition.  He is in the pit and right up at the front on the side line playing.  I was very proud of him too – he did so well.  I don’t know how they play with four mallets at one time but he did that part of the time.  I like this picture of him – he is so focused on the Drum Major waiting for his cue.

I am really glad to have Ryan and Tyler in the marching band.  I really encourage everyone to have their kids try it – just let them try for a year.  You’d be surprised at how much they learn not just about music – but discipline, leadership, team work, friendships and so much more.  They start high school with a whole bunch of friends from all grade levels which makes the transition to high school so much better.  It has been such a good thing for Tyler these last 3 years.  And let me tell you both boys said they didn’t want to do it.  I made them go anyway – all it took was one day at band camp and never another complaint.  Ryan even tells me how glad he is that I made him try it – I hear that about once a week right now – really!

In a little while I’ll get out the new list of Bingo players and send out the Bingo cards.    So if you are in Group 5 of Monika’s Blog Bingo be sure to check your email later today.  We will start tomorrow!

Have a great day!