The bluebirds did come back and build a nest – I’m not sure if I told you that already.  But they did and they finally laid some eggs – 4 eggs.

This picture is from April 25th.  So sometime this week they will probably start hatching.  Today I saw the mom hanging her head out of the house – I think she was hot – it was hot until the rain came this evening – thunderstorms with lightening.  I have a couple of other pictures of the bluebirds from earlier in April.

This one has both the male and female at the feeder – the male is up on the top house and the female is down on the peanut feeder.

Some days I see the blue bird sitting on the rail on our porch – he looks around – I’m not sure what he is listening to or waiting for but he usually stays for a little while turning his head in all different directions.  I was able to get some good pictures of him.

Have a peaceful day.