On Wednesday I was working in the craft room (which is upstairs) and I kept hearing this tapping sound.  So I went to investigate.  As it turns out the bluebird was down in my kitchen at the picture window sitting on the fountain and tapping at my window.  Maybe he saw his reflection and was trying to chase away what he thought was another bird.  Because he was so close I was able to get some great pictures of him.

He came back several times throughout the day to tap on that window.  I also saw him and the female spending some time at house #2 – the female even went inside.  There was also a Chick-a-Dee looking at the same house and the Bluebirds chased him away.  The past couple of years they have tried to build in the same house – so we will see what happens this year.

I hope you like the photos.  They are such pretty birds!