It is that time of year when I get to start posting about the birds in the yard.  I did this last year and everyone really enjoyed seeing the photos of the birds and hearing about them too.  Last year I had four different species of birds that built nests, laid eggs and raised babies in our yard.  I’m hoping for some this year too.  I have added a third bluebird house so we’ll see what happens.  Right now the blue birds still seem to be shopping for houses it was around the middle of March when they were actually building their nests.  So I’ll keep you posted.  Here are some pictures I took on Valentine’s Day of the Bluebirds checking out all three of the bluebird houses that I have.

House #1

This is the male bluebird sitting on house #1 – it is the oldest house and they have used it multiple years.  I have moved it to a different location so we’ll see how they like it.  If you do some reading about the bluebirds they prefer their houses to be a certain distance from the ground, facing a particular direction and with a particular size hole to get in and out of the house.  The male is such a pretty bird with his bright blue and easier to spot than the female.  She is usually nearby but doesn’t have as much blue.

House #2

Here is the male bird on House #2 which is the house that they used last year.  It is still in the same location near our driveway – so the fence is nearby and the basketball goal which they seem to perch on a lot so they can keep an eye on the house.

House #3

And here is the male looking in the new house – house #3.  This one is made out recycled materials so it is a plastic type house – the other two are wood.

This new house hangs on a hook from a tree branch so it actually swings instead of being stationary on a pole.  I don’t know if they’ll like that or not.  It is located in the same general area that house #1 used to be in.   I think they both went inside that one.

Later I saw them both sitting together in various parts of the yard – maybe discussing their options – new versus old, location, pros and cons….can’t you just hear them.  I’m so glad we don’t have to find a new house every spring!

I hope you enjoy my bird stories this year – and if you aren’t interested then just skip these posts.

Have a “Blue-ti-ful” day!