balloonsJust a quick post this morning – and it isn’t a stamping post either.  Later today I may get to that.  I’m getting ready for our Stamper’s Club meeting tonight and finishing up the February Class to Go Kits so I have a busy day today.

Here is the picture of what I saw when I woke up yesterday morning – balloons!  The ones with the butterflies remind me of the Beautiful Butterflies die that I love so much.  Now here is the story behind the balloons – these were Ryan’s idea and they must have gone to get them Wednesday night while I was at Pokeeno.  So when Kyle was turning 1 (he is 17 now) I bought him a balloon for his birthday that I put in his room while he slept so it would be there when he woke up.  I continued this tradition for all three of my boys for every birthday they have a balloon in their room on the morning of their birthday.  A few years I have run out to find a balloon at midnight and one year I was out of town and I had to make sure the balloon was still there for Ryan even though I wasn’t.  When they were little the boys thought the balloons came magically – maybe Santa dropped them by.  But as they got older they realized it was me and usually a few days before their birthday they might drop a hint or two about what theme the balloon should be.  As Ryan got older he has wanted to make sure I have a balloon on my birthday too – isn’t he the best! 

You may want to pop over to my Stampin’ Up! website there is a new video on some home decor projects using the Decor Elements products.  And if you haven’t been there in a while there is also a video with some Big Shot products.  These are produced by Stampin’ Up! so go take a look.

Have a great day!  The weather here is supposed to be beautiful today.