I don’t think I have updated on the birds lately.  There isn’t much changing right now – they are all incubating their eggs but we should start seeing them hatch soon.  Looking at the book I have and the dates that I noted the eggs it won’t be to much longer.

bluebird-dadThe bluebird should be done incubating her eggs by the end of the week – counting the days – the 12-14 day time frame would fall Thursday – Saturday this week.  I got a picture today of the dad getting what looks to be a little idad-with-foodnchworm from one of the trees and taking it back to feed mom.  Also some pictures of him grooming himself while he sat on top of our basketball goal – I have a perfect view from my craft room.

chickadee-feedingThe Chickadee I’m not sure when they finished laying eggs.  They had at least 5 eggs on the 9th.  Counting from the 9th it would be the first of next week.  But I think she was done sooner than that so maybe by the end of this week the babies will begin to hatch.  I have picture from this weekend where the dad looks like he is bringing food to mom.  My book says both of them incubate the eggs so they must take turns.  Somebody is usually in there when I check the house.

The robin – I don’t know when she finished laying eggs or how many she might have.  But she seemed to be incubating the eggs earlier than the others.  So it could be any day now that they hatch.  I see the mom leave the nest occasionally so I think she gets her own food rather than dad bringing it to her.  He seems to watch the nest while she is away – but she doesn’t go far.

The Towhee – she was still sitting when I checked this morning.  I think hers are also due to hatch by the end of this week.  I have not seen her leave at all.  I see the dad around often in the back so he must be getting food and bringing it back to her.  She sits perfectly still when I check in on her.

Some other visitors to the yard lately include a female Downy Woodpecker at the peanut feeder.downy-woodpecker

goldfinchAnd the American Goldfinch have been at the thistle feeder. I got a picture of the male – he has the pretty yellow feathers.  Their color changes on the male to the bright yellow for the summer.

The hummingbird has been back several times but I haven’t been able to get a good picture.  Yesterday he took a little bath in my fountain – I wish I had the camera nearby for that but I didn’t and knew if I left he would be gone.

That’s all the bird updates.  I also have a stamping post ready.  I’m posting them both now.

Have a great day!