I finally have some birds that seem to have moved in.  So it will be time to start watching for them to lay eggs.  This year I have five bird houses in the yard – I added two new ones from last year.  I have been checking the past week or two and finally noticed some activity in one of the houses.

The first house that has some activity is house #3 – it appears that the Chick-a-dees are building a nest.

House #3 on 3/18

These pictures are from the top of the house looking in – on 3/18 the birds have been bringing in moss and have almost the bottom covered about an inch or so deep.

House #3 - 3/22

The second picture I took this morning and it looks like they have lined the top with fur and insulation.  I hope the insulation isn’t bad for birds – it is just little bits – there isn’t really a cup in the nest for the eggs so I’ll have to see what happens.



Then today I found a nest in House #1 – it looks like it could also be chick-a-dees.  The pictures is also from the top of the house looking in and the base is moss.

House #1 - 3/22

They have been going in an out of the house today so I’ll get another picture of it tomorrow and see how much work they have done.

The rest of the houses are still empty – I checked house #2 and it has a drop or two of moss – maybe they were thinking about using it.  I see the Bluebirds occasionally in the yard but not really looking at the houses this year – they must have gone somewhere else.  The new houses are still empty but I’ll keep checking and hoping that someone moves in.

How is everyone doing with Spring Bingo – are you marking your cards as the pieces are called?  Is anyone close?  Here is the next piece –

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Have a great day – it is a beautiful spring day here at my house!