The birds are all very busy!  It is hard to keep up with them all.  I know yesterdays post was actually from last week – so those pictures are almost a week old and a lot has changed since then.  I’m going to bring you up to current on all the little bird families with this post.  I have some pictures from Sunday afternoon and then some from yesterday and this morning.

Bluebird baby peeking out of the house

Bluebirds -based on my calculations the babies should be ready to fledge any day now.  They were still in the house earlier today and mom and dad are busy feeding them.

Maybe I’ll be able to see them go if I keep my eye on the house.  I’m not sure why but it seems to me that maybe they leave late in the day or first thing in the morning because normally I check on them one day and they will be there and when I check on them the next they are gone.    Once they leave – I’ll clean out the box and hope for them to build a second nest.  The young of the first brood help raise the second brood.

Tufted Titmouse – so last week the eggs hatched and the babies were born.  They should be in there until next week some time after Mother’s day. I was able to get a picture of the babies on Sunday and then again on Tuesday.

Tufted Titmouse babies Sunday May 2nd

Tufted Titmouse babies Tuesday May 4th

I have decided that birds are born with full size mouths and then they grow into it.  All of these babies have huge mouths so they can open them up and let mom and dad drop in food – and they look like little clowns because they are so much bigger than their little heads.  It’s hard to tell how many are in there.  I know she had 6 eggs to begin with.  There are for sure 4 babies but I think there may be more in there that I just can’t see.

Robin – She had her babies!!  They must have been born over the weekend.  Yesterday and today I was able to see the babies – I thought there were 3 when I took picture yesterday but today there are 4!  And these little guys are funny!

Baby Robin - too funny!

Look at this guy with his big mouth and the fluff of white on the top of his head.  I stood up on the hill in my back yard – that is best vantage point I have of the nest up in the tree.  And I could see the babies stretching their little heads up and over the nest.  I don’t know exactly when they were born so they may be older than what I thought.   They fledge in 14 – 16 days.

Robin feeding worms

Can’t you just here them – “pick me! pick me! I want that one!”

And then today when I watched I saw 4 beaks come up for food.

Robins - 4 babies

They are lined up two and two but if you look carefully in this picture you can see two open beaks on the left and then there are actually two also on the right.  The one in the back is a little harder to see.  My book says they lay 4-7 eggs.  The nest I had last year only had 2 babies but I do think there was a third egg because I found it on the ground.

The robins are fun to watch in the yard as they search for worms.  Watch closely you will see them tilt their heads to one side – they are looking with eye that are far back on the sides of their heads.  They snatch those worms right out of the ground.

Chick-a-Dee – she had her babies over the weekend too!  I was able to get a picture on Sunday – some of the eggs had hatched but not all.  And they are born hungry!  Look at the little one in my picture.  Their eyes aren’t even open yet.  These are Carolina Chickadees that we have here in Georgia.

I finally got a picture of the mom (or it could be the dad since they look alike).  They are tiny and they are fast.  This one stopped just long enough for me to get a quick picture.

So those are the updates I have so far.  And I’ll report again in a couple of days unless I have significant news to share sooner.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying the pictures and the updates.

If all the eggs mature then there will be 20 baby birds raised in my back yard this spring!