bluebird-building I wanted to do an update on my birds now and I’ll add a stamping related post later.  Well one decision has been made – and that is who is building their nest in this Bluebird house – and the answer is – the Bluebirds.  Hbluebird-maleere is the female Eastern Bluebird with a mouth full of nesting material.  I did a check of the house this morning and they are finishing up their nest.  This photo is actually from Sunday morning but I took another today and she was back again with a mouth full of nesting material.  The male is the one that is the really pretty blue color – the females aren’t as pretty.  And she seems to be dong all the work too!  Bluebirds usually nest in late March or early April so these are right on schedule.  They normally lay 4 to 5 light blue eggs.  And have two or three broods per season.  That is about the norm for us with this bird house.  I’ll keep watch to see how many eggs we get with the first brood.  And here is one more picture of the pair – male on top of the house and the female is flying out of the entrance hole.


So where did the Chickadee go  you  might ask.  Well I have a second blue bird house in the yard – it was the one that the Tufted Titmouse has been looking at but never started a nest inside.  The Chickadee quickly moved in and has been busily building a nest.  chickadee-buildingHere she is trying to bring in a piece of pinestraw – I’m not sure why as they mostly use moss and when I checked this morning there is a nest of moss about 2 – 3 inches tall inside the house.  And they also use fur to line the nest.  They lay about 6-8 eggs that are roundish and white with some reddish brown spots. The male and female look alike but it is the female that builds the nest.


Carolina Chickadee


Tufted Titmouse

There is still one issue though and that is the Tufted Titmouse is still looking at the birdhouse too.  I saw him there this morning and then the chickadee chased him away.  The Tufted Titmouse does not normally nest in a box so I think the Chickadees are probably ok in this house.

The Robins were still around too – still flying into my window also – hopefully they will stop doing that soon.  I put some paper inbetween the window and the inside shutters to see if that would help.  No new pictures of them.

That’s all for the updates on the birds for today.  I find the birds to be facinating animals and I’m excited to have three different families in the yard this year – that is a first!

Check back on another day for more updates.