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I had a lot going on the last few days so I wasn’t able to post an update about the babies.  These are pictures that I took on Thursday afternoon.

The Bluebird babies have gotten sooo BIG.  And this picture shows all four little ones – I knew they were all there but it seemed one always had his head buried when I tried to take a picture.  They do know that I’m not mom or dad – see how they all hunkered down when I looked in.  When mom and dad come you should here the noise they make!

And if you look carefully in this picture there is a caterpillar in there – he is green on the right side by the piece of mesh on the side of the house that is under the hole.   I wonder if he made it out of the house or if he was eaten for lunch…..

This will be my last peek into the bluebird house.  They will start to practice their flying soon and I don’t want one to fly out early.  I remember last year if I sat and watched the house you could see the babies flap their wings inside the house as they tried them out.

This picture is also from Thursday afternoon – these are the Tufted Titmouse babies.  I think all 6 are in there – it so hard to tell when they are so young and just in a little pile in the nest.  The mom and dad are feeding them too – but they are smaller and faster and not as easy to spot as the bluebirds are.  The Tufted Titmouse seems to fly from somewhere else directly into the house to feed the babies.  While the Bluebirds always fly in and perch somewhere nearby before they go into the house.

The Robin seems to still be sitting on her nest – soon her eggs should be hatching.

I also peeked in on the Chick-a-Dee and she was also sitting on the nest today.  Maybe this weekend they’ll start hatching.

That’s all the news I have for now.  This is posting on Tuesday.  I’m writing this on Thursday night but because of the Royal Blog Tour post I’m waiting until Tuesday for this one to go up on my blog.  I’ll have another update soon because I’ll actually be checking in on the birds on Sunday when I return home from my retreat.

Thanks for checking in with us!