I finally got a picture of the baby towhee – there is only one baby in the nest.  I can still see two eggs, but I guess they aren’t going to hatch.  baby-towheeThe mom is usually sitting on the nest.  I just happened to peek in yesterday afternoon and she was gone so I ran inside real quick to get my camera.  As you can see this baby was ready for food with his mouth WIDE open!

I checked on the Blue birds and they know the difference between me and mom & dad so they were all huddled in a pile – there are 4 or 5 in there.  Mom and Dad are busy bringing them bugs to eat.  I see them regularly.

The chick-a-dee is still sitting in the house.  I saw one fly out this morning so I went to peek real quick but there was still one inside – so they must not leave the eggs/babies alone.  By now they should have hatched I just haven’t gotten a chance to look in with out a parent in there.

The Robins are busy feeding their baby – I think there must be two babies – but I still can’t tell for sure.  Since the nest is up high I can’t see inside it to know for sure.

Sunday night we had heavy rain, thunder, lightening and tornado warnings – they are saying a tornado did touch down somewhere not to far from here but I didn’t hear specifically where it was.   Anyway after all the rain stopped I let the dogs out before I went to bed (it was reallly late) and look who I found hanging on to my screen: frog

He was gone by morning.  Sometimes I find them in the yard I guess because of the fountain.  They are noisy little frogs.  But this one was quiet while I was outside.

After looking through my Easter pictures it turned out I didn’t even take any pictures of my tables or decorations.  Most of the pictures were of the kids hunting Easter Eggs.  I have one picture of almost everyone (37 of us) in the backyard gathered to say the blessing before we eat.

easterAfter lunch all the kids went inside while the teenagers hid the eggs.  Our rules are the little kids (5 and under) get everything in the grass level of the yard, the bigger kids get everything else.

Afterwards everyone searches for the prize egg and of course eats candy.  The little ones were sitting on the stairs while all the big kids checked out their egg collection on the trampoline.  It is so much fun for all to get all of the cousins together!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter like we did and thankfully the weather was perfect!!