Each month I have a Card Maker’s Class and the next one is this Wednesday – January 29th.  I have a morning session and an evening session.  This is a fun flexible class for any level of stamper.  You get to choose which cards you make based on what you need.  And if you are new to stamping I’ll point you towards the easier ones and show you exactly how to make them.  It’s easy and fun  and great therapy for everyone – so if you live nearby I hope you will join me.

This month I’ll have some Valentine choices for you – like this one –


I know everyone has a busy life and lots going on but take a couple of hours to make some cards that you can send to brighten someone’s day. Did you know that there are real therapeutic benefits to crafting?

  • Strengthening of social skills  – being able to connect and interact with others, share ideas and talk can have a huge impact on happiness
  • Relaxation and Stress relief – allowing your mind to focus on the activity reduces stress levels and is beneficial to everyone young and old
  • Feelings of fulfillment – there is huge feeling of accomplishment when you create something you can proudly display or give to others

from http://blog.jeanhansen.com/three-therapeutic-benefits-of-creating-art-and-crafting/

There are many other reasons to spend time crafting and I hear often from others on how it benefits them.  Join me at a stamping class – you can see my full class schedule HERE.