I have written much about the birds lately – mostly because I don’t have any nests right now – all the babies have left the nest and I cleaned out the houses and I’m hoping for round 2.  The bluebirds normally have at least 2 sometimes 3 nests a season.  I did want to tell you though that the Bluebird family is still around – I do see them a lot and I see to see them in groups of 3 – so I think the mom has 2 babies and the dad has 2 of the babies and they are staying together.  I noticed as I watched that the parents are still feeding the babies.  I took this picture – sorry it isn’t a very good one but you can see what they are doing –

This is the male bluebird and he would get food from the suet block while the baby waited on the top.  Then he flies to the top and puts it in the babies mouth.  So I did some reading and the parents continue to feed the babies for a couple more weeks after they leave the nest.

I see the bluebirds going into the bird houses – especially house #2 – but so far there is no nest building going on.  I’m not sure how long they wait after the first babies are born – maybe until they can feed themselves which may still be a few days away since they seem to be learning still.

Yesterday I was sitting in my kitchen at the table and I have a big picture window that looks out to the back yard.  Right in front of my window I have a fountain which the birds like to visit so I often get good pictures of the birds when they sit on the fountain – since I am inside the house I guess they don’t see me.  Anyway I noticed a bird that sat for a long time yesterday.  Here it is:

I was able to get a beautiful picture of this baby cardinal.  See the fuzzy little feathers on its side – I know it has to be a baby.  I’ve also decided that the babies are usually fat – more so than the adult birds.  This one sat for a long time on the side of the fountain.

I had a Cardinal nest in the front yard earlier that they abandoned so they must have gone somewhere else nearby and built another one and now there is a baby.

And last but not least I wanted to share with you the newest visitor to my backyard.

I found this turtle on Sunday about noon.  I heard all this noise and went to see what it was and found her.  This is a much larger turtle than what I have had in my back yard before.  I would say her shell from front to back is at least 6 or 7 inches.   I’m wondering where I have a hole that big that she could get into my fenced back yard.

Anyway we were leaving the house at that time so I left her there and when I came home Sunday night I looked and couldn’t find her.  On Monday morning I looked again and couldn’t find her.  I wanted to check for holes in the fence – I don’t want the dogs to be able to get out either – so I went back to the area where she was.  Guess what I found – her head sticking out of the ground!  She dug a hole and was buried up under all the leaves and stuff in the corner of the yard.  She only had her head sticking out.  Now it is Tuesday and this morning she was still buried.  I just checked on her and now she came out of the hole.

Does anyone know anything about turtles?  I’m wondering if she dug a hole and laid eggs in it.  I don’t want to look because she is still right there.  I’ll look for her again this afternoon.  But if anyone has any knowledge of turtles – let me know.

Thanks for stopping into to check with me today!