I wanted to give you updates on the baby birds.  On the 13th I checked the Chickadee’s again and there were still 3 babies although I think the fourth one may have been hatching.  I haven’t been able to peek the last two days, but will try to check in on Saturday.

Chickadee 4-13

I think the one with his mouth wide open is probably the first one that was born so he is a day older and bigger than the other two.  Notice how they have moved around in the nest.  The mom’s really do roll the eggs around.  One year I had a nest with an egg left by a parasitic bird – that’s a bird that lays its egg in someone else’s nest and wants that bird to raise her baby.  It was a different color/size than the rest of the eggs.  I watched it for a couple of days and you could see that each day the eggs were in a different spot.

And finally I got another peek in the house with the Tufted Titmouse – she has been in the house every time I checked the past few days and finally today she flew out while I was in the yard.  So I went real fast to take a picture and guess what I found in the house?

Tufted Titmouse 4-15


Yep the babies were in there – at least 4 of them – but they are all in a pile so the other two may be in there too.  There were 6 eggs total to begin with.  One of these guys had his mouth wide open too.  He must be the oldest.

So now we will watch them grow.  The Tufted Titmouse babies will stay in the nest about 15-18 days while they grow and mom and dad feed them.  The Chickadee’s will be about 13-17 days.  I’ll keep track of the days and after about day 11 or so I won’t check the boxes any more so they don’t leave too early.

I told my stamp class ladies this morning that I was imagining the conversation that the baby chickadees will have with their mom in a few days.  “mommy, guess what?”, “what dear?”  “this nice lady comes and takes our picture every day while you are gone” “WHAT?!! You should hide from strangers, never talk to strangers! Oh my!”

Well I guess that conversation really won’t happen but we can image it right!

Thanks for checking in on the babies.  I’ll have a stamping project Saturday morning for you.