I have some new pictures for you that I took on Sunday – I have others on my big camera but I need to find the cable to download those still.  Here is what I have with my little Cannon Camera –

Here are the Tufted Titmouse babies – thinking I was mom or dad they had their mouths open for some food.  I see mom and dad going back and forth feeding these six babies.  Here is another pictures once they figured out I wasn’t bringing food.

In this picture I can count five beaks and it looks like the 6th baby is tucked down on the left side of the picture.  They are still in that naked ugly phase – no feathers yet, eyes still closed.  But they’ll get cuter as they grow.

The Chickadees were also busy feeding but one of the parents seems to be in the house every time I try to take a picture.  So instead I just got a picture of dad bringing food  – a yummy little bug for the babies to share.

can you see the little worm in his beak?  The hook that you see in the fore-ground is what the birdhouse is hanging from in the tree.   I have more pictures with my other camera – I’ll have to download and share those later.