The 10 Artisan Award winners had their projects on display at convention.  And Stampin’ Up! announced I think 25 finalists.  Unfortunately I wasn’t in that group either – bummer.  I did however find 8-1/2 of my projects on the display boards so that was exciting.  I also found 5 or 6 other projects some were swaps from the last convention – I thought that was good since they held on to those for a whole year.

If you are wondering about how I had 8-1/2 projects displayed this is where the half came in…..

I was looking at this display board and there was another demonstrator standing next to me.  She commented on the pretty paper flowers which I hadn’t really paid attention to.  So I looked at those and thought – oh my gosh those are my flowers – those are my flowers from my scrapbook page that I sent in for the Artisan Award contest – oh no – what happened to my page – and my mind continues to run in a whirlwind of thoughts – when did the page come apart – was it in shipping to SU, was it before the judging, was it after, was it in transit to the convention center, this is not good at all and I will never even know.  It was my favorite page too.

I wish everyone could have seen the whole page not just the flowers up on that board. So here it is again for you to see – isn’t my niece Ally just Cute as a Button!

Otherwise both of my 3-d projects were on display, the other two scrapbook pages were on display, and four of my five cards – at least I never found the 5th one. If you want to see all of my projects that I entered – CLICK HERE.

I wondered what the winners had submitted and there were a few with very impressive projects – I think this one takes the cake! (literally)!

I can only imagine how many hours she spent making those flowers!  The creator of this awesome cake  project was Jodi Oliver.

Here is another winner Heather Van Duker.

Look at the wall hanging that she made.  The fabric pieces are cut with the Big Shot and a variety of  the dies.  My sewing skills are not that great – I probably should not have attempted it on my entry.

Another winner was Angela Timms – here are some of her projects – just check out the details in her scrapbook pages – OMG!

Oh and there were actually only 9 girls that won the Artisan Award.  The 10th one was a guy!  Yep we do have men that are Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators.

So in case you wondered what his stamping looks like I thought I would share his winning projects too.

His name is Richard Garay and he won some other stuff too.  Each year they have a commercial/video contest and Richard won that this year with his team of demonstrators.  I’ll have to try to locate the video it is probably somewhere on the internet by now.

Let’s see if I have the names of all of the winners (not in any order other than my pictures were taken in this order).

  1. Sarah Sagert
  2. Tessa Wise
  3. Richard Garay
  4. Renee Ballard
  5. Rebecca Cowley
  6. Heather Van Duker
  7. Jodi Oliver
  8. Elizabeth Price
  9. Angela Timms
  10. Andrea Munro

Have a great day today!  Only one more week until we move Kyle down to college.  I’m not sure how that will be not having him here.  I guess I’ll know soon enough…..