The winner of Monika’s Blog Bingo Round 5 has been found!  It is Charna from NY.  Congratulations to you!

Here is her message:

hi monika,

i believe i have bingo. its a line right across the top of the card.


I will be sending you out a prize in the mail.

I’ll get the next group – Group 6 –  ready and send cards out on Friday 10/29 with the new game starting on Saturday – 10/30.  That will be Group 6 and I’ll send your cards to you in an email.  Thanks for playing!

I am still taking names for Group 7 and then I’m going to take a break.  Also during the Royal Blog Tour – Nov. 5 – 8th – I will not be posting any Bingo pieces – Bingo will resume on Nov. 9th.  I hope you’ll visit me and all the other castle’s during the tour.  I have some great projects planned to share with you.

Check back shortly for a stamping project.