Have you noticed the cute little Chevron bags in the Stampin’ Up! catalog – page 158?  They are flat bags but easy to alter into a little gusseted bag.  This was one of our Make&Takes from convention.

celebrate-bagThis is the view from the front.  And here is the view from the side –


You make a couple of scores and then a few snips and you have converted the flat bag.

  • Vertically score both side of the bag at 1″ and horizontally from the bottom at 1-1/4″.
  • You will snip from the bottom of the bag up to the score line – to make two little tabs on the sides
  • just cut across the bottom of the bag so you can open it up
  • fold on the score lines you created – and fold the original sides in toward the inside to create the gusset
  • fold up and secure the bottom of the bag using washi tape.
  • If you want some support in the bottom of the bag cut a rectangle piece of some card board (like the backing on the designer paper) to fit into the bottom.

The tag is from the Tag a Bag Accessory kit and the stamped image is from Tag It stamp set.  That is this years Ronald McDonald House stamp set.  Stampin’ Up! Donates a portion of the sales from each set to the Ronald McDonald House.  I’m about to leave to go volunteer there tonight.  We will be stamping with the house guests – making cards with them for their evening activity.

I hope you like the little project!

And now for the continuation of our trip home from San Francisco.

Yeah did you forget it was a trip home from San Francisco.

We were at the hospital ER now waiting for the taxi to come and take us back to LAX so we could try to get on a flight home.  The taxi comes – this time a normal looking taxi.  He starts to drive us back to the airport.  Tyler starts flailing his arms around gesturing at me and me being really really tired (already up for about 24 hours) I was a little slow at trying to figure out what was going on.  Then i realized he wanted a bag – he was going to get sick in the taxi – oh no!  I’m pulling things out trying to find a bag he could use (didn’t want him to use my Stampin’ Up! bag that I was carrying) – quickly found a bag of snacks – dumped most of it out and held the bag up.  The taxi driver didn’t say a word but I know he was freaking out thinking what a mess it was going to be in his taxi.  But I got it all in the bag.   I know gross – but now I’m thinking he just threw up all the meds they gave him in the ER.  What should I do – have the guy take us back to the ER for more meds or try to go home without anything to ease Tyler’s symptoms.  At least we knew what it was at this point and Tyler said he would just deal with it – he wanted to go home.  So we got out at the airport – paid the cab driver – who did take a look in the back to see what kind of mess there was.  Not one thank you very much.

Now it’s early morning though and the airport is packed – people are in line all the way out the doors!  I find my way back to the special services line and tell Tyler to go sit on the floor against the wall (also near the bathroom) while I wait in line and get us back on a flight.  After waiting in the line for awhile I get to the front and tell the lady what has been happening, show her all my hospital paper work, all our old boarding passes, and show her where Tyler is sitting on the floor.  She says uh-oh.  What now?  Well when they split our tickets apart from Greg & Ryan they issued the tickets individually to us (not a party of 2) and one of us actually had a seat on the 1:30 pm flight.  And the other had a seat on the 5:45 am flight that had already left.  This was now maybe 6 in the morning.  I told her we both needed to be on the same flight and the next flight out so that I could get him home and back to a doctor to follow up after our ER visit.  Same story – all the flights are full, all are overbooked.  In fact while I was standing there they had cancelled all the flights from LAX to SFO for the whole day.  She would see what she could do.  7:45 flight full, 9:00 something flight full, 11:00 something flight full.  The first seat was on the 1:30 flight that one of us had a seat on.  Ok fine – we will take that.  But then she offers to put us on standby for the 7:45 am flight.  And if we didn’t make that one, we would be stand by on the next and the next and then the 1:30 we had confirmed seats.  OK we will do that.  So she issues us all the tickets/boarding passes and asks if I want a wheel chair for Tyler.  I said no he can walk.  She says again – are you sure you don’t need a wheel chair for Tyler – remember I was tired and my brain was slow but then it clicked and I said YES I do.  So she put him on the list for a wheel chair.  Once I finished with her I grabbed him and said by the way you are riding in a wheel chair through the airport.  Tyler would normally say he was ok to walk but I said you need it this time.  And went to find the place to wait for that.

I have to go now – will finish the story tomorrow – there is still some more!