This was our longest day that we had – up early to board the train and didn’t finish the day and get to our next hotel until almost 11 pm at night.  Another busy day so this one will be in more than one post too.  We woke early to go board the Wilderness Express train.  We took the train from Fairbanks to Denali.  But it goes further than that too.  It is a double decker train and the top is a dome so you can see out.  The lower level was a restaurant – since we left early in the morning we ate breakfast on the train.  The trains are privately owned but pulled by the Alaska Railroad.  Each train car eats about 80 people on the upper level – we only had our group of 34 so there was plenty of room – and if we wanted everyone could even have their own window seat.  The restaurant level seats 36 people – so that worked out that we could all eat together too!

2014 08 26 0112014 08 26 005Breakfast included Reindeer Sausage – which we were a bit unsure about but it was good.  Also Blueberry Pancakes and birch syrup.  Plus a bar upstairs for fancy coffee drinks and your morning alcohol.  I opted for some yummy hot chocolate during the trip. And there was a host guide that talked and shared information with us along the trip.


The views were amazing.  Since our car was the caboose I was able to go outside on the back of the train.  It was great for taking photos.  I spent much of my time out there watching Alaska go by.  We traveled through the forests, past lakes, along the mountains, along the river, over bridges and through some really small towns.

2014 08 26 0152014 08 26 0302014 08 26 0362014 08 26 0472014 08 26 0552014 08 26 075That’s the whole train – I was standing outside on the back while we went around the curve so I could get the whole train.  The last two cars are Wilderness Express cars.

148729_938023419547938_5953467263398990709_nI didn’t want to drop my cell phone – but I was able to get a selfie on the back of the caboose!

2014 08 26 089We found rafters out on the river.  I bet they were cold.

2014 08 26 0942014 08 26 110Almost to our destination at Denali.  The train station was right across the street from the park visitors center.

2014 08 26 116We arrived in Denali and all tell you about the rest of the days adventures in another post.

i would highly recommend this train ride.  If we ever get to go again I’ll try to schedule us on a different section of the route.

Enjoy your weekend.