I was doing so well, but if finally happened, and I knew it would, I just didn’t know when….but I didn’t post anything on Saturday.  I was up early to take Ryan to a soccer game that was an hour drive away.  Then he rode back home with a teammate and I drove on up to my parents house.  I spent the rest of the weekend with them and came home this afternoon.  My parents live in a sailing club on the lake and it was the 50th anniversary of the sailing club and there was big party Saturday night along with the Commisioning  Ceremony.  My brother is the new Commodore for the sailing club this year so it was an important day for my family.  My dad was the Commodore several years ago and they are the first Father-Son to both hold that position for the sailing club.  Everything was perfect – the weather, the ceremony, the dinner, the decorations….there were over 200 people there including one of the two founding members of the club.  A very exciting time for everyone involved.

I got to visit with many people that I hadn’t seen in years – even some of the kids I used to babysit for – who are now grown, some with their own kids.  I also got to spend time with my cousin, Ellen, who was visiting from Germany – the last time I saw her was about 3 years ago.  Since I spent most of the weekend up there this is probably the most amount of time I have had with her in a very long time.

In the photo from left to right – my dad (Willi), me, my mom (Anita), my brother (Michael), his wife (Tammy), and my cousin (Ellen).


Check back in a few minutes for a stamping project.