Yes we have eggs!  Chickadee eggs that is.  4 of them as of Wednesday afternoon.

4 chickadee eggs on 3/21

They normally lay one a day until they are done at around 6.  So today would have been 5 and tomorrow would be 6.  These are the chickadees who won the war over the house.

The bluebirds seem to still be interested in house#3 – there is a starter nest in there.  And I have seen a little activity today so maybe they finally decided and will get busy.

I have lots of other birds in the yard just no other nests that I have found.  The robins were busy building because they keep coming to my yard for materials but then they fly over by the neighbors yard toward Danette’s house so they must be building over there some where.  I didn’t get a picture but I did have to laugh at the robin the other day she was trying to get a string of plastic that was peeking out from underneath the siding on the back of our house (they put a plastic sheet up before the siding goes up) and she pulled and pulled trying to get it loose.  I was too slow with the camera though.

I have lots of cardinals, brown thrashers, mocking birds, mourning doves, finches, blue jays, woodpeckers and more.  Spring is definitely in full swing here.