I received this email on Friday morning:

I have Bingo!

I do … I really do!! Diagonally, starting in the lower left corner, or the upper right … whichever way you choose to review.

I have Bingo! I’m SO excited!


Congratulations Carolyn!  I confirmed the Bingo on her card and I will be sending out a prize to Carolyn next week.   The prize this round is a Melon Mambo Classic Ink Pad.

Thank you to all the Group 1 players for playing along.  I hope you had fun.  I will be emailing out Bingo Cards to the Group 2 players on Saturday – 8/28.  I’ll start calling pieces for Group 2 on Sunday 8/29.

Group 3 is now full and I’ll start taking names for Group 4 next.

Here are the rules for playing Monika’s Blog Bingo (I reserve the right to adjust the game if necessary):

First since I plan to mail a prize to the winner you need to live in the US (sorry if you don’t but the prizes are SU product in most cases).

Second: I created 16 cards so I’m going to have 16 people play in each round and I hope to do multiple rounds. ( I know I said 15 to begin with but I miscounted and starting with group 2 there will be 16 players).

Third: You need to email me at monikastamp@comcast.net with Monika’s Blog Bingo in the subject line and tell me you want to play.  I need your name and your mailing address (so if you win I can send you a prize).

Fourth: I will email you an image of your Bingo card – each card is unique and I will have them numbered so I know which one you have.

Fifth: After I have all 16 players I will post a Bingo Piece each day on my blog – so you have to keep coming back – it will likely be at the end of my regular post for the day – and if I don’t have a regular post it will just be by itself.

Sixth: I will post Bingo Pieces until someone has Bingo – you must have 5 in a row – across, down, diagonal – just like normal bingo and once you have Bingo You have to email me that you have – send the email to monikastamp@comcast.net – subject I have Bingo!.  I will check your card against the pieces that have been played to make sure you have Bingo.  And if per chance there is more than one on the same piece, I will pick the winner by the time stamp on the email – first one wins after verifying the Bingos.

Then I’ll mail the winner a prize!

A couple more things on how I am playing this game:  Only one group will play at a time.  If you are playing in a current group you cannot sign up for any other groups.  Once your group is finished and if you did not win you can sign up for another group and play again.

I hope you’ll play along with me!  Is everybody ready….

Let’s play Monika’s Blog Bingo!

Group 1: Winner Carolyn from NC

Group 2: cards will be sent 8/28, play begins on 8/29

Group 3: full

Group 4: full

Group 5: taking names – see rule 3 above.