In May I took a trip with my parents and brother to Germany last month and I’m working on documenting our trip using My Digital Studio.  I kept notes in a journal, and kept brochures and tickets, etc from the trip.  I started working on it while I was on the trip but didn’t get anywhere close to what I thought done.  Partially because some days I was tired and ready for bed when I got back in the evening and partially because we did so much!  I thought I would share some of the pages with you this week.

I decided to use one of the Stampin’ Up! Digital Templates for this book – and since I knew I would have lots of pictures I choose one that used lots of pictures on each page – The Best Year Photobook Template.  The template is set up to have a two page spread for each month of the year.  It looks like this –

jan layout

Mine is a layout for each day/activity – this first layout is from our journey over the ocean – our flights – from Atlanta to Amsterdam and then on to Berlin – and our arrival.

Germany 2013-004This is the left page and I kept the layout pretty much the same – but I changed the top left section to reflect our trip rather than the month of the year.  The strip at the bottom has the exact date and in the top corner – I was adding modes of transportation that we took that day.   On some I changed the paper fill in the punch.

Germany 2013-005For the right page I changed a few of the decorative pages to photo boxes.  In most cases I removed any embellishments that were over-layed on the photo boxes.

The trip there was long and I didn’t get much sleep on the flight and basically at the time we were arriving was the time I would have been going to bed at home.  So I was a very tired traveler once we arrived.

I hope you can see how the templates are flexible and you don’t need to use the as they were designed.  In fact – the original template is actually a 12″ x 12″ photobook and I converted it to an 8″ x 8″ book for my project.  I’ll be printing 4 of them when I’m done.  One for my parents, one for my brother, one for my Uncle, and one for myself.

Thanks for stopping by today.