The Ronald McDonald House that is.  This month when we went to visit the Ronald McDonald House they had all boys.  And the boys had fun stamping with us and making cards.  I thought I would share some pictures with you.  Christine designed this months card and I forgot to take a picture of it but you can see it in the pictures with some of the boys who are holding up their completed cards.


After the boys made their cards some of the mom’s came and joined us and made their own.  I was helping Junior who has been there when we came before.  Jenn watched the baby so Junior’s mom could make a card.  The mom didn’t speak English so Junior was instructing her in Spanish with what she should be doing.  He may be a future Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator!

Another fun evening at the Ronald McDonald House.  Joyce, Christine, Linda, Jenn and I were all there to help this month.  Each month we take turns designing and preparing cards for the house guests to make.

Thanks for checking in today – have a nice weekend!  I hope to have posts for Saturday and Sunday.  This week has been Fall Break at Ryan’s school but he was taking Driver’s Ed all week so he wasn’t very happy – he still had to get up early, sit in class all day and do homework each night.  Today he wants to sleep.  And then we may go get his Driver’s Permit since he doesn’t have that yet and needs it to complete the behind the wheel driving portion of the course.