I just wanted to give you a quick report on my birds.  All the babies have now left the nest.  The Chickadees and the Tufted Titmouse’s were still there on Saturday morning.  I think they both left Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday I did not see anymore visits to the houses.  On Monday I checked the houses and both were empty.  So I have cleaned them out – since they don’t return once they leave.

Now the Bluebirds can house shop again.  I saw the male go inside house #2 this morning – that was the house the chickadees were in.  Hopefully the Bluebirds will build a second nest and raise a second set of babies this year.

For Mother’s Day the boys gave me a gift certificate to Wild Bird Unlimited and I went this weekend and bought a Woodpecker House.  We are trying to decide where to put it up and then I’ll hope to have woodpecker babies.

Thanks for checking in – when I have more news or pictures I’ll let you know.