Hot, Hot, and Hotter

We have been gone for the last three days in Macon, Georgia.  Oh my gosh was it HOT!  I don’t think I have ever been that hot before, it was almost suffocating, like sitting in an oven.  The temperature was about 100 degrees that was before you count the heat index.  Why would we do this?  Ryan and his tennis team were playing in the USTA Junior Team Tennis Georgia State Championships. Shade was hard to find and when there was some everyone was trying to get in it.  We went through lots of water, gatorade, and clothes.  Even just sitting and watching we were soaked in sweat.

The Towne Lake Hills U-14 Team

The team played really well on Friday  – with two sets of matches behind them they were in first place and had only lost 1 game for the day (that was  one of Ryan and Brandt’s).  So they were in first place at the end of the day.

Saturday they had two more teams to tackle and these were a little but tougher.  Some of the kids lost their match but the team over all won in points.  So at the end of the day we weren’t sure but assumed that kept them either in first place or in second depending on the results of the other teams.

Saturday night we went to dinner and then to one of the hotels to play.  The kids played in the pool until a storm came in and then they decided to play “hotel tag”.

Hmmm….the other people staying at the hotel probably wondered why there were a dozen kids running around unattended and what bad parents we were.

The parents were in the lobby playing games!  I’m not sure what games they were one you had this white plastic man that gave you a word and you had to draw on him or this other white plastic piece and get your team to guess the word.  The other was like a hot potato and it also gave you a word and you had to describe it without saying the word.  So we had our fun while the kids had theirs.

Sunday morning was a pivotal match with only one team advancing to the finals and we thought we were still in first going in – most of the scores were posted except for one.  Coach Donna sent the kids out to play and when they were done they finished 1st in their group and advanced to the final round for Sunday afternoon.

The final match didn’t go so well for our team – and they ended up 2nd with Finalist trophies.  But they really played some great tennis on an extremely HOT weekend.  Even though they lost Ryan said the last match was the funnest of them all since the team they played was better which made them play harder.

Congratulations to the whole team for a job well done!