Operation Stars & Stripes

I wanted to share with you today about an organization that I have recently learned about.  It’s called Operation Stars & Stripes and a  friend of mine is the President.   And they are going to turn this – 60 packs of the 99cent Stampin’ Up! Fabric.

Into this – Stockings for the troops –

But they need more fabric!  They are out of fabric again, and still need about 4000 more stockings made for the holidays.  If anyone else wants to donate clearance rack fabric, we are happy to provide them with a receipt for tax purposes.  You can send it to this address:

Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc.

2146 Roswell Road NE

Suite 108-101

Marietta, GA 30062

Here is some information:

At Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc., our dedicated volunteers have been busy sewing stockings year round to prepare for our 12th annual, Operation Holiday Stockings Campaign.  Thousands of stockings will be filled with highly-requested items and seasonal treats and sent to our service members overseas for the holiday season.  Many of the troops decorate their otherwise austere living quarters with the beautiful handmade stockings and often bring them home to reuse year after year or give to their children.  We were thrilled to learn about Stampin’ Up’s clearance rack fabric and know the troops will enjoy the lovely patterns offered by Stampin’ Up.  There are many ways to use your creative talents to support the troops at little to no cost to you.  If you are interested, please contact us at www.OperationStarsAndStripes.org or Info@OperationStarsAndStripes.org.  We would love to speak with you about ways you may enjoy becoming involved to support our heroes and their families.

Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. is a 501(c )(3), not-for-profit organization that supports America’s military and their families at home and abroad. They were founded in May of 2001 and are based out of Marietta, Georgia.

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