Chattanooga Regional My Way Presentation

I am back from the Chattanooga Stampin’ Up! Regional on Saturday.  Boy what a fun and exciting day!  I loved spending the day with so many friends, learning new stamping ideas, and stamping.  And I made it through my on stage presentation!  I really don’t remember what I said or if I was even talking in complete sentences.  You know how sometimes you think something in your head but all of it doesn’t really come out of your mouth.  I’m wondering now if I did that.  Well I’m going to put together a tutorial for the project and post it soon so it will have all the steps and hopefully fill in any of the blanks I left during the presentation.

Here is my name up on the big screen –

And here is a picture that my friend Christine got of me up on the stage –

I’m getting more pictures from my friends but Christine was right in the front row so she got a really good one.  And here are the projects that I showed.

They hung all the ideas up on the board so everyone could get pictures of them.  But I took some pictures at home too so here are my close ups –

Googly Ghouls Halloween treat bags


No Peeking Holiday treat bags


I like to do things in 3s a lot of the time – probably because I have 3 boys so I always buy treats and gifts in 3s and prefer to have the same item for each but in a different design.  These little bags fit 3 chocolate nuggets perfectly and also the mini kit kat bars (I used those in the Halloween treats).  Here are some more ideas –

Snowflake Chapstick bags


School treat bag filled with Smarties – 3 packs fit perfect in here!


And a pretty Sunflower Treat bag – filled with chocolate of course!


I’ll be working on the tutorial and hopefully have it for you later this week!

Thanks so much!