Today is the day!!

The day that we can start ordering from the new Stampin’ Up! 2013-2014 catalog.

20130601_AC_en-USHave you made your wish list yet?

I have mine!  Ordering begins here on the East side of the US at 2:00pm (noon Stampin’ Up! time which is MT).

PLUS there is a one time lining up of all the catalogs happening today – you know like when all the planets lined up last week (at least that is what the news in Germany was reporting) – for a few short hours (about half of the day) – you’ll be able to order from three different Stampin’ Up! Catalogs at the same time!

  • Spring 2013 Catalog (it will end tonight 5/31)
  • Annual 2012-2013 Catalog (it has been extended through 6/3)
  • Annual 2013-2014 Catalog (it’s starting a day early 5/31)

It might be years before this happens again – if ever!  So make your list, check it twice, and place your order!

Online ordering is available at my website so you have until 1:50am (if you live in the eastern time zone) to include the Spring Catalog items.  CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW.

You can also come to my open house on Sunday afternoon if you live near me.  Details are on my website and posted to my blog yesterday.