Ryan likes to get creative with his school projects and he has made two different projects these last two weeks.  I took pictures of the one from last week but didn’t get any pictures of the one he turned in today.  I wanted to share the first project with you today – I don’t think he has his grade yet – but if it were me I would give him an A.

His project was for a book (Dante’s Inferno) and his project was about the 9 circles of h*ll.  Ryan likes to go big with his projects and this one ended up as tall as my kitchen counters when it was done.  We talked about ways to show the 9 circles and ultimately he decided to use the idea of the tree in my Advent Shadow Box project but turned upside down with the smallest circle at the bottom and the largest circle at the top.  He built a wood base, spray painted it, created an icicle stencil and spray painted that on the base, added a dowel rod to the center which he drilled holes through so he could add supports for each circle.  Each circle was cut from foam core board and then covered with card stock.  On the various levels he added the information for the project and on some of them he added 3-d elements.

Ryan's completed project


side view of Ryan's project


view of the top project with the castle and mountains


this level has a tornado made out of pipe cleaners - the terrible winds of a violent storm


this level has boulders made out of foam balls


Ryan used various Stampin’ Up! products to complete this project – lots of card stock and multipurpose glue, paper cutter, a craft knife, dimensionals and markers and the white gel pen.

The other project he turned in today looked like a giant Pokemon card – it was supposed to be a scientist trading card.  he again used foam core board and covered it with card stock that had various information on it.  If it comes back home I’ll try to get a picture.  We pulled out the color coach to help find the colors of card stock to match a real Pokemon card.  He went through two snail refills last night and more multipurpose glue.  I better order more of both.  I planned to order another craft knife but it turns out we retired that item from the catalog.

Today’s project is probably not something you’ll ever make but do know that we have lots of products that are useful in school projects – usually it’s the Big Shot and the alphabet dies for titles – but he didn’t use those this time.

Have a great day!