For me Day 2 of my trip to Leadership in San Antonio was Wednesday.  In the morning we got up and picked up our cute Leadership bags – made from brand new fabric that will be coming out in the next catalog.  I realize we didn’t even take any pictures of us holding our bags. After a bit of swapping I headed to the Make&Take area since I was a helper – we had to go help with a bit of set up and get some instructions and what our responsibilities were during and after the session.  And there was a cute surprise in there for everyone!

We all received a fabric organizer that matched our bags – with a tag signed by Shelli – plus a box of chocolates that were hand made by one of the Stampin’ Up! employees. Here is our gang at the Make&Takes.

All the Stampin’ Up! employees (well the girls) made their own aprons using the same fabric as our bags. Here I am with Carrie Cudney and Donna Griffith

After M&Ts were over we headed out to the Riverwalk for lunch and then visited the Alamo -oh look there we are with out bags – Becky and Diane are holding theirs.

After spending the afternoon at the Alamo – we hurried back so I could get ready to got to my first Manager’s Reception!  I received my promotion to manager this past year so this was the first time I qualified for this extra special evening of fun.  This year the event was held in the convention center so we didn’t have to travel anywhere – the show was in the Theatre –

Lily Cockrell Theatre

We started the evening with a mix and mingle in the lobby and they had waiters serving us Chinese inspired appetizers.  I spent the evening with my friend Pearl and later we met up with Patty and Cindee to see the show.  I also got to talk to Shelli for a few minutes and have a quick picture with her – although not a very good picture.

The show we saw was the Chinese Acrobats – here are a few pictures of their strength, flexibility, and balance.

That wraps up another day of my trip.