This week I got to go back to the Ronald McDonald House to stamp with the guests that were there.  I missed last month because Tyler had his first Show Choir performance.  I was really glad to be there again and two of the girls that were there in September were there this week – and they have made so much progress – it was really nice to see the changes in them in two months.  The card was designed by Nadine this month – it is a really cute card.

I took photos of everyone with their finished cards.  I was very excited when one of the girls, Rachel, finally let me take her picture.  The last few months of going were so worth to see how happy she was last night making her card and the smile when she was done. Earlier this year she wouldn’t even come to the table or look at us.  We may not get to see her again it sounded like she was headed home for good in early December.
The last time I saw Josie she was in a wheel-chair and now she is not – isn’t that exciting!  Her mom decided to make some cards too.

I didn’t get the chance to learn much about the other kids that were there last night.  It sounded like everyone was going home for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
We had lots of girls this month.  I think this is the most people that have joined us for making cards in a while.  Although I think they were busy last month too.

And no boys this time.  We did have a dad helping.

I hope my post shows up correctly.  I seem to be having trouble getting the pictures to stay.

Now I’ll see if I can get the Bingo game on here.  We are getting close – who is it going to be – will it be you?

It’s BINGO TIME!  We are playing Round 6 of Monika’s Blog Bingo.  I have now filled group 7 and won’t be taking any more names right now – I”ll be taking a Bingo break after group 7 plays – I may play again in the future so I hope you will continue to visit my blog.   See this POST for more details on how to play and the previous winners.

And now for today’s piece – Here is piece #16 –the owl  from Cute by the Inch stamp set (stamped in Chocolate Chip).

Make sure you send me an email when you get your 5 in a row.