The last few days have gotten away from me.  Not enough hours in the day to get what I needed to do done, which results in not enough sleep, which means I am tired.  And the thing that doesn’t get done is posting to my blog (well other things too).  So no post yesterday and not really one today either but I will plan to get some things out here this weekend and next week too.  I have lots of things I have been working on for my classes so I do have things to share.  It just takes time to photograph, edit, and write the blog posts.  And today I am cold and when my hands are cold I really just want to put them in a warm place like my pockets and it’s hard to work when your hands are in your pockets, and wearing gloves doesn’t work either (really I have tried that before).

So enough of that rambling – there is no project or picture for you today – but I wanted to share a few more of the daily Christmas Activities with you from my Counting Down to Christmas project from last weekend’s blog hop.

Dec. 8th – Make Holiday Ornaments – I have ornament ideas on my blog that you can search for – did you know there is a search option on my blog – yep – it is in the right hand side-bar and just fill in a key word and it will pull up all the blog posts with that in it.  Or you can look by category – those are in a drop-down box.  I don’t have an ornament category but I do have a Christmas category.  I have an ornament idea that I will try to get to this weekend and share with you later.

Dec. 9th – Decorate a Gingerbread House.  We used to do this every year as kids.  My dad was a baker – he owned a German Bakery and Gingerbread Houses were a big deal at Christmas time.  Our whole house would be covered in them – my dad baked all the gingerbread and then my mom decorated them and they sold them in his bakery.  He is retired for a long time now so we don’t do that any more.  When my boys were little they would go make Gingerbread houses with Oma & Opa every year.  Now that they are older I’m not sure they are interested so  much.  I wonder if Ryan and his girlfriend would make one this weekend when she comes over – I should go buy all the stuff so they can.  That would be fun.  I better add that to my shopping list (that’s one of those things that didn’t get done the last few days).

And I’ll go ahead and give you the next one too –

Dec. 10th – Bake Christmas Cookies – that would be fun too – for Ryan and his girlfriend to do.  I think I better add to my shopping list.  What kind of cookies should we make this year?  Oh I know – Sweet Pressed Cookie stamp cookies – that’s what they can do.  I made some of those when i got my stamps.  I have wanted to try them with a snicker-doodle recipe and see how it works.

That’s it for now.  And wait – one more IMPORTANT thing – have you ever wanted to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator?  Do you want to get your Stampin’ Up! products at a discount?  I have a super duper special to offer you for only TWO DAYS – so let me know right away so I can give you the details.  This special offer will be available to anyone that wants to join my team only on Dec. 13 and 14 so hurry and email me that you are interested and I can tell you all about it –

Have a great rest of the day!