I got my software late on Wednesday and was able to load it to my computer on Thursday.  I played around a bit.  And here is my first creation.

friends frame convention-001I created this using one of the card templates but I changed it to be a picture frame and printed it out to put it in the frame that I made at convention – the roommate project where we put the Rub-ons on the picture frame.  I’ll get a picture of it in the actual wooden frame tomorrow and post it.  My printer colors are off so my printed one looks more like Kiwi Kiss than it does like Old Olive which is what it really is.  I just thought I would share a quick project.  Now I need to go back and actually learn how to use the software.  I’ll be working on my certification too – there is a training course that we can take to get certified – I’m waiting on all the information.  Stampin’ Up! had a webinar tonight that was supposed to be part of the training.  I couldn’t watch it live so I’ll have to wait on the recording.  Tonight was open house at the High School so I was up there for a couple of hours.

Good Night!