We have 5 brand new trendy colors to add to our color collections for the next two years.
Let me introduce you to them.

Lost Lagoon

I am calm and peaceful, and that’ hard to come by in this crazy world.  Maybe that’s why they call me lost.  Find me and I’ll soothe your soul.
fb birthdays-020

Hello Honey

I’m sweet and subtle.  I won’t scream for your attention, but give me a chance and you’ll realize just how much I have to offer.  Soon you’ll see I’m as good as gold.

fb birthdays-021

Blackberry Bliss

I am deep and rich and sweet and juicy.  Plus, I’m purple, and who doesn’t need more purple in their lives?  You know you want me.

fb birthdays-019

Mossy Meadow

Not only am I tall, dark, and handsome, but I’m rich too.  And I’m deep, which is the complete opposite of shallow.  All the other colors are green with envy.  I’m green without envy.

fb birthdays-022

Tangelo Twist

I am bright and vibrant – some might say I’m a bit flamboyant.  Sometimes people confuse me with my cousin, Tangerine Tango, but I am truly my own kind of orange.  Try me and you’ll see.

fb birthdays-023
Tangelo Twist, Hello Honey, and Blackberry Bliss might make you hungry.  But no worries!  After indulging in those tasty colors, you can take a calorie-burning stroll through a Mossy Meadow or around a Lost Lagoon.