Last night we had one of our MDS Digi Crop nites near my house.  We meet at a local restaurant that has wifi (not that we necessarily need it but we do use it while we are there).  That’s one of the nice things about the My Digital Studio software it is loaded on your computer and you don’t need to be connect to the internet to use it and create with it.  You need the internet connection to download digital content that you want to add to your software, or to send your completed project to the printer.  Or if you want to share your creation on a social network.  Most of us shared our creations last night after we finished them.  Here is mine


The challenge we had last night that Cindy came up with was this –

  • start with a sketch or template  (I started with a Rounded Corner photo template – it had 2 photos, I deleted one and made the other one taller)
  • add punches (my background is actually a square punch, and the letters for ETOWAH are punches)
  • add a photo with rounded corners (it was already in the template)
  • use only 3 colors (plus white or vanilla) (I color matched the dark blue and yellow to Ryan’s uniform, also had white and the the overlays are watermark as the color choice).

Everyone finished – even me – yes that laugh at me because I don’t necessarily get mine done while we are there.  But I did last night and I was even late getting there.

On this page I tried out a Double Mat trick on my photo – a long time ago it was asked could you create a double mat on a photo – well the MAT option only allows one.  But what came to me in a dream (no really it did) was this – create the photo with the mat that you want.  Make a copy and paste in place and the second one create the second mat.  Adjusting the size so that one mat is larger than the other.  The larger one needs to be the one in the back.  It was quick and easy to do this since you don’t have to check the sizes or anything just adjust the number on the MAT.  There are other ways to accomplish the look of a double mat but this was what I did.

Have a great day!