So one thing I am not good at is journaling – I really don’t like to write and don’t think I’m very good at it.  Having a blog and writing for it is not always easy.  So when it comes to my scrapbook pages the journaling part is usually very minimal.  This was a layout from Heather’s MDS class and she used with a single photo of her family and then wrote little things about why she loved her family.  So I figured I could do that – I thought what I should do is write about the boys and what I decided to do was write what I would “tell” someone if I was describing my boys to them.  I ended up adding individual pictures of each of them and yes, I often included Greg in the boy category in my house – he can act just like one of them a lot of the time.  I am really happy with the layout and my journaling.  I’ll have to keep practicing.

There have been lots of little not good things going on today – I wonder if that is a sign of something to come…… first I think I slept with a mosquito – I had two itchy bites when I got up and then noticed 4 more on my stomach!  And yes I had clothes on all night.  Or something else is biting me or I’m allergic….

Then I opened the freezer this morning and it is wet – I checked the temperature – 22 degrees!  Yikes – that is a long way off from ZERO.  And then I checked the fridge and it is at 40 (should be 37).  Things are not looking good.  I have an extra fridge/freezer in the garage so I decided to move all the stuff out there – of course I have to throw some things out to get it all to fit.  That’s ok I probably needed to clean out anyway.    Called a repair man – scheduled to come after 3.  Took Kyle to the dentist – ran over a big stick that got stuck under the car – had to stop and reverse to get it out.  Came back home and checked the freezer –  not it is at 3 degrees – called the repair man and talked on the phone (cheaper than having him come out) – he said to wait 24 hours and see what it is doing and call back tomorrow.  Ok.  Greg sends a text that the bomb squad detonated a package on the street outside their building – he heard and felt the explosion – the road is stilled closed – not sure when he will be able to leave – hopefully soon.

So now I’m waiting to see what is coming next……

I hope your day was good and uneventful (unless they were good events of course).