Hello from Hilton Head Island, SC!  We are here at the Stampin’ Up! Getaway Trip!

We arrived Thursday afternoon.  Just relaxed in the afternoon – got our bearings at the resort, took a short walk on the beach, and checked out the pools, visited the SU hospitality table – they have bikes for us and we’ll be going to get those in a few minutes, went to dinner at Hudson’s on the Dock at sunset – very pretty, and we saw some dolphins too, came back to the hotel for a card swap  – and wrapped up the evening doing not too much.

I have a few pictures to share including our Pillow Gift from Stampin’ Up!  There was a knock at the door right after we got back from dinner and this is what the guy handed me –

It’s a canvas Lands End bag with the Stampin’ Up! logo rubber stamp on the front.

Here are a few more pictures – I have others I need to get from my phone to my computer so I can post those too.  But my battery is running out and my internet access seems to be on a timer and counting down – so I’ll just post these now and try to come back later with more.

sunset view during dinner at Hudson’s on the Dock


Greg at the swap with me (bonus was the free box of Girl Scout cookies – they were having a fund raiser in the ballroom next door).


SU demos swapping (we can’t go anywhere without swapping!).


me with Katy Zamer from TN


See you later – we are off to ride bikes….