Happy Valentine’s Day!  At my house we do Valentine’s Day a little different – I cook a surf & turf dinner for my boys and Greg and then the boys go on a scavenger hunt to find treats around the house.  We have been doing this for years probably since Kyle was in first grade or so (he is a senior now).   So I set up the scavenger hunt this morning and I’m working on dinner – I bought lobster tails on sale earlier in the week, got steaks and also crab legs.  Yum, Yum!  We figured it would cost about the same to feed all of us a nice meal at home as it would for Greg and I to go out by ourselves.  I have potatoes in the oven – for twice baked potatoes.  And I’m decorating the table – I’ll take pictures tonight at dinner and show you later.

Now I was going to share some of our snow pictures – we got 2-1/2″ on Friday – that is a lot for us.

Look how pretty my house looks with snow on it and on all the trees and bushes. 

After a few hours it finally started to stick to the streets.  The kids did not get out of school early on Friday it was after the end of school before the roads started getting affected.

The picture with the bird is early Saturday morning – everything was quiet but the birds were very active getting food from the feeders.

And the dogs went out a little later on Saturday when the sun was shining.  They played for a long time outside.  As much as they don’t like the rain and being wet they didn’t seem to mind the snow.  I do wonder what we would do if we lived in Virginia or other places where they had over 2 feet of snow – the dogs would just disappear!

We have another nice sunny day today but that might change tonight.  I need to get back to working on my  Valentine’s stuff.  See you tomorrow!