Last week I went with Greg on a short trip to South Carolina.  We went to take delivery on his new car at the factory.  It was the ultimate driving experience and the BMW Performance Driving School.  Greg loved every minute of it.  Me on the other hand – not so much.  Let’s just say I have no desire, will never, ever be a race car driver or to even drive somewhat fast around a track.  My words were – “you have to let me out of this car” – as Greg is zipping around the track catching the car in front of him and not letting the guy behind him catch up.  And even worse for me was when we did a “Hot Lap” with the instructor  – me hanging on in the back seat for dear life with my eyes closed.  The instructors are professional race car drivers and they know how to drive a car.  We learned a lot and they taught us how to use all the different features of the car and got to try them all out on and off road tracks.

I took lots of pictures and have more to scrap but I started with the building of the car.   Inside the factory they added cameras so they can make recordings of each car as it is built then they create a video and email it to you when your car is finished.  I took screen shots of Greg’s car from his video and added them to an MDS scrapbook page.  Show this one to your husbands….

In My Digital Studio I used a photo template and add papers in the background from the new Leadership Kit download.  The papers and colors worked perfectly with the car photos.  I have more pages to create but this is the beginning – the car being born.  It starts with the first camera in the upper left corner of the page and then go clockwise around with the center photo showing Greg and his new car when they delivered it to us at the performance center.

This was another page for the Project 52 challenge – one page a week – but I think I need to make more than a page a week – I have lots more pictures and things to show than what I have been able to do on one page.