I wanted to share a few tips on using the Glimmer Paper with the Northern Frost Decorative Strip Die for the Big Shot.  The glimmer paper is a little different because it actually has a layer of plastic on the back which causes some problems with cutting detailed designs such as the snowflakes in the Northern Frost Decorative Strip Die.  But the silver glimmer paper (and the red too) make such pretty snowflakes I really wanted to cut them easily so I played around with some different combinations until I found one that worked for me.

First one of the things that I have done with some of my sizzlits especially these strips that have lots of little details is I covered them with clear packing tape.  So they look like this –

Can you see the tape on my die?  Just put a piece of clear packing tape across the die and then cut like normal – the slick tape helps the little bits pop out of the holes instead of getting stuck in them.  But that wasn’t the real problem with the glimmer paper.  The real problem was getting a good cut through the plastic backing.  So this is the sandwich that I found works the best for me and it was cutting the snowflakes through every time – even though it doesn’t look like it does initially.

So start on the bottom with the Decorative Strip Spacer Platform, next add the Decorative Strip Cutting Pad, then the Northern Frost Strip die (cutting blades face up), the glimmer paper (glimmer face up), then a piece of plain paper, then on top the second Decorative Strip Cutting Pad.  Run this through the Big Shot to cut the snowflakes.  When you get it out it will look like it didn’t cut when you see the glitter side of the paper but turn it over and look on the back and it looks like this –

Now push out the cut snowflake and then poke out all the little details with a paper piercer.  I poke from the back since you can’t see them on the front.

And once you have all the little details poked through, pull them off and here it the pretty little snowflake that you get –

And here is a project I made with the glimmer snowflake – A glass ornament.  Inside the bottom are the Mica Flakes.  The glimmer snowflake is hanging on the inside (two glued back to back).  And ribbon on the top.  Use a strip of card stock glued in a ring to make a base to set the ornament in.  It’s very pretty in person.

You’ll find the Silver Glimmer paper and the Mica Flakes in the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Mini Catalog.  You can order them on my website or send me an email.

We will be making these today in my gift making class.

Have a glimmery day!